Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan Tour Packages from Jaipur & Delhi

Experience the grandeur of this vibrant state through Rajasthan Tour Packages offered by Jaipur India Private Tours. Explore majestic palaces bursting with history and charm. Get ready to experience myriad colorful experiences and have a holiday you will never forget.


  • Tarun Verma
    Jaipur sprawls out at the foot of Kalikoh hill crowned by the magnificent Amber fort. Tradition and modernity rub shoulders here. Turbaned men with curling mustachios, bejeweled Women in multi coloured, swirling skirts and youngsters in jeans jostle in it's colourful streets. Opulent palaces, Chaupars(big squares), astronomical observatories, temples and bazaars, vie with one another and give the city its distinctiveness. it is a SAWAI(one and a quarter, extra-ordinery)CITY.
    Tarun Verma
  • Sushant Singh
    Standing at a height, looking at the remnants of past, the walls that hold royalty and charisma of Rajputs. Amber Fort has always enchanted my senses. Amber Fort is located in Amber (Jaipur), which used to be the capital of the Kachhwaha clan, till Jaipur was made the official capital in 1727. The Amber Fort looks stunning, all-built in white marble and red sandstone. To add to its charm, Maotha Lake makes its foreground. The crystal mirror image of the Fort, on the still waters of the lake, seems to be a beautiful illusion.
    Sushant Singh
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